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Bernie, I met with recruiters today at the job fair. They loved the resume. I received an offer from recruiters from the school district in Clear Creek, Texas (where NASA is located). We verbally agreed to the position and offer by handshake. The recruiter is to email the contract today. I also received an offer from the school system in Galena Park, Texas, so that is my second choice. Thank you again so much for all your help, I felt so comfortable and confident going into those interviews, and I know I gave clear and succinct answers. I really do appreciate your help!
Thanks again so much! Christi W., Teacher – Ohio

Promoting the Staff Associate

Career opportunity and advancement in the corporate world.

Your talent is what keeps the organization functioning, whether you are the first point of contact or work behind the scenes. Positions include a wide array of titles and industries including: Secretary, Bookkeeper, Accountant, HR Associate, Customer Service Associate, Sales Associate, Assistant Managers, Supply Chain Associate, Nurse, Case Managers, Analysts, etc. Standing above the competition requires more than a generalized, one-resume-fits-all approach. This package is for the associate that is seeking new challenge, opportunity and appreciation for dedication, loyalty, and a job well done.

Whether you have a degree or not, you're ready to make contributions toward the growth and success of a company where you spend 8 hours a day making things happen. You want to be appreciated and respected for your efforts and contributions. To find the right company, your resume should highlight your steady progression and career movement in such a way that focuses on your target employers' expectations. It must be razor sharp and nuanced to best fit those expectations. Employers filling corporate positions aren't looking for nearly ideal candidates; they're looking for a perfect match.

Career Mentors takes a line-by-line approach to your resume, polishing your core competencies, professional achievements and the value that only you offer into a mirror image of your target employers' ideal candidate.

Associate Level Packages

Our Associate package includes:

  • An attention-grabbing and distinctive resume with a classic look and feel, demonstrating your value to employers by matching your qualifications with the job you are seeking. Package includes your resume in Word, PDF and plain-text (scannable) formats. Scannable format is optimized for targeting online job boards, company websites and recruiters.
  • A bold, crisply written cover letter targeted to corporate decision-makers. This will serve as your introduction tool, in keeping with your job search strategy.
  • A 30-minute individual phone consultation on interviewing and job search strategies
  • Lifetime electronic storage of your data

Associate package $299

Our Associate Plus package includes the Professional package, plus:

  • The DISC Profiling Report. This report assesses your workplace strengths and possible limitations. It lends you an insight into how your unique mix of abilities can bring value to an employer. Thus, it also helps you map out your career more wisely, interview more successfully, and adapt more easily to new job situations and environments.
  • A 1-hour, one-on-one career marketing and interview tele-coaching session with our Director.

Associate Plus package $399

Invest in yourself today to move your career forward and achieve the aspirations and rewards you deserve. Contact Us today.
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