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What Our Clients Say

Your coaching sessions were very helpful, particularly targeting my search, working on my elevator presentation, and preparing answers to typical interview questions. This process led me to analyze my strengths, weaknesses, and true desires. This really solidified the target of my job search. If it had not been for the coaching sessions, I doubt I would have known where to begin. The tips you provided gave me assurance about my skills and core competencies. I am so ready to launch my job search. Furthermore, I am confident I will land the job of my dreams quickly. You are wonderful as a coach and the resume and cover letter are dynamite. Thanks so much, and I will refer anyone I know for your services. Kudos and thanks again. I will keep in touch with my progress.
Best regards, Tammy R., Senior Tax Analyst – Ohio

Career Marketing Letters: Essential Resume Companions

Cover letters

Effectively written cover letters are critical to the success of a career campaign. Most job seekers find it difficult to “toot their own horn,” and this lack of confidence is glaringly reflected in the message and tone of the letters they prepare. Whether you are in a career transition or at the senior level in your field, the cover letter is your first impression—the first branding item that generates interest in your candidacy. As your introductory marketing tool, it must be perfect in this highly competitive market so your resume isn’t passed over!

A poorly crafted letter will reflect poorly on the resume before it is even read. Our cover letters are written to showcase your personal “brand” and competencies, knowing exactly what Human Resources, department managers, and executive recruiters expect to see in a cover letter. Career Mentors’ depth of expertise in the hiring community will compel employers to carefully evaluate your value proposition, skills, and competencies, prompting a call for an interview. The well-defined cover letter will move your resume past the gatekeeper to the decision-makers.

Targeted cover letters

The targeted cover letter is critical in presenting you as the perfect candidate for a specific position or company. It is vital to opening doors and generating interviews. While cover letters follow a fairly standard format, they can and should meaningfully convey your strengths and qualifications to the employer's specific needs. Including a cover letter tailored to a specific employer will impress upon them the fact you’re really interested in coming to work for them, not just pushing resumes out the door.

Letters targeting recruiters, print and online postings

When writing cover letters for our clients, the goal of Career Mentors is to create a letter that summarized your skills and offerings while giving you a versatile tool that can be tailored for numerous additional opportunities without extensive rewriting. This allows you to adapt the cover letter to create individualized letters. Of course, if you prefer, contact us for ongoing writing or revisions throughout your search.

Follow-up & thank you Letters

A well-crafted follow-up letter is an awesome marketing tool! It exhibits courtesy and appreciation for being considered for the position—generating goodwill in the minds of potential employers. Furthermore, The Career Mentors’ format goes far beyond the standard “it was nice meeting you” by further convincing the interviewer of your enthusiasm and the contributions you can provide your future coworkers and company. This is the perfect time to bring out a facet of your background that did not come up during the interview, or even address a perceived obstacle.

At Career Mentors, we are experts at capturing the essence of the interview (through a post-interview briefing with you) and effectively promoting your candidacy with well-written, targeted follow-up letters. Our professionally certified, award-winning writers will create unique and compelling letters that can help you achieve the level of success you deserve.

How much is the investment?

The writing fee for letters ranges from $79 to $179 depending on your level of expertise and the letter you choose. Additional variations (based on initial letter) are $50-$100 each. The greatest value is realized when they are purchased as a part of a package.

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