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What Our Clients Say

Very, very impressive Bernie. I like a lot about this resume and cover letter. I love the first section, I love the achievements at the end of each job and I love the education section. Great looking resume! I will gladly pass along your contact information to anyone needing your expertise.
Matt T., District Sales Manager – Ohio

Success is Learned

Interview your way to the top with coaching from Career Mentors

Like every endeavor, interviewing takes practice in order to achieve success. Success is measured by a single criterion: securing a job offer. Closing the deal is the name of the interviewing game.

Our interactive coaching sessions prepare you to carry the positive momentum your resume has generated into the face-to-face interviewing process. You will discover how to ask and answer questions effectively, hammer home your core message, highlight your unique value and use tips and tricks to strengthen your overall presentation.

Our interview coaching gives you a competitive edge by teaching you to,

  • Use your resume to your advantage. Your resume has created a spark. Now is your opportunity to fan that spark into a flame. Learn how your resume actually frames the interviewing process. We teach you to take the message of your value from your resume to the next level by developing and practicing your key talking points.
  • Improve your presentation. Studies show that an interviewer evaluates your performance on non-verbal cues up to 7 times more than on your verbal responses. Through our careful analysis we show you how to come across confidently and avoid any non-verbal pitfalls your presentation falls into.
  • Address special issues. Minimize the potentially negative perceptions that terminations, employment gaps and deficits in experience or education might create with strategies tailored to your specific situation.
  • Ask the right questions. The questions you ask during your interview are as revealing as the answers you give. Asking the right questions shows your level of preparedness, expertise in your field and high level of enthusiasm for the job.
  • Take the lead. Practice and preparedness ensures that at no point are you at a loss for words or stray from the message you want to make clear: you are the ideal candidate for the position.
  • Negotiate the best compensation. Most often the first salary offer isn’t the best you can get. Career Mentors provides you with tips for respectfully negotiating a salary that is rewarding, yet appropriate.

Success is learned. Career Mentors’ interview coaching gives you the self-assured confidence, preparedness and core message that ingrains success into your interviewing prowess. Let us show you how to get the job and earn the compensation you deserve.

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