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What Our Clients Say

The resume looks great! My old one was pretty shabby in comparison to this. Now I’m so confident to launch my job search. Thank you for your help, I do appreciate it. Again, I am very impressed with the work you have done on my resume and cover letter! Thank you very much!
Leonard C., Program Finance Manager – New Mexico

Career Transition

Ready for a Move?

When you're in a rut and working in an unfulfilling job, life doesn't seem to be as gratifying. We want more … we want to wake up on Monday mornings and be eager to conquer challenges and make a difference each day, every week. Finding that career is often challenging. Finding the particular job you really want can be even more challenging. So what happens when you determine you'd prefer a job doing something else, in a whole different field?

One of the most important things to consider when making a career change is the value you already possess—your experience to date, and the successes you've achieved. Can you identify your market value? Can you clearly explain what you have to offer a potential employer? Knowing and defining that value which you will “bring to the table” in a new environment, and understanding what your qualifications are worth financially, gives you a great edge in beginning your career transition. These key steps will enable you to interview knowledgably and negotiate with confidence.

Moving on with Confidence

At Career Mentors, we think of our clients' careers as a life-long journey. Your goals change and your interests evolve, even as you seek new directions and opportunities. That's why we design solutions to help you make a successful transition from your current field into the professional field you really enjoy. Not sure where you want to go? We can work with you to determine where your true interests lie and what type of job would be the most suitable for you.

Most of all, our goal is to help you find what you really want to do, and get paid for it! We want to increase your chances of finding not just another job, but the career direction that will help you realize your professional potential and maximize your satisfaction with the time you spend working.

In addition, as your career partner and comprehensive resource, we won't simply “drop you off” at your next career stop. We will gladly provide you with individualized assistance from introductions and connections through interviews and offer negotiations. After you land that next big opportunity, we can also provide you with periodic advice and tips to get the most out of employer reviews and evaluations, and help you maximize your opportunities for future raises and promotions.

"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude." – Ralph Marston

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